A window to the endless fantasy

Eye jewellery

by Yury Revich

Our vision

I was always inspired by the world's shapes around me, by the sense of time, the air, atmospheric geometry, and space function. I was always thinking: is there a limit to unlimited fantasy and dreams? How would Dreamland look like? Would it be a box for each person according to their own desires or infinite space of possibilities for everyone?

How would it feel to look to the world through the windows of the endless fantasy? I decided to fulfill my passion and created those "windows." These are the pieces for eyes, reflecting the shapes of the world and sound.  They protect you from the routine of the world around you and create your own infinite space.

I believe a person's face is a canvas with a million feelings, and eyes are the universe of diverse emotions and energies. Pieces I design are created to express those energies further and are translated into physical objects.
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Endless fantasy
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